Rare Operation Removes 15 KG Tumour from Woman

Cancer is such a scary notion that it is able to break the willpower of not only the patient diagnosed with it but also their family, and breast cancer is no exception. While it starts with a tiny tumor in a cell of the breast, it soon spreads to the other parts of the body, affecting multiple tissues and body parts. It is very common among women in India due to the ignorance of people. Women in this country are often shy to speak out about breast cancer, and this lack of awareness makes things worse as the treatment is often delayed. The best appendix surgeon and laparoscopic specialist in Kolkata, Dr. Seraj Ahmed of The Surgical Clinic in Howrah, who is also an expert in operating tumors, came across such a critical case of breast cancer recently due to his involvements with Shree Jain Hospital.

The best appendix surgeon and gastro surgeon in Howrah, Dr. Seraj Ahmed treats breast cancer by removing a 15 KGs tumour; and saves a woman’s life

The Critical Case of the 15 KGs Tumor

Anwari Begam, a resident of Belilious Road, Howrah, had been suffering from a tumor in her breast for more than six months. The tumor continued to grow so fast and reached 15 KGs of weight within a very few days. Her family consulted several doctors but the situation required a quite complicated surgery which was going to be expensive too. The treatment continued to delay due to complications and financial problems of her family until they came to know that Shree Jain Hospital and Research Centre in Howrah has the proper infrastructure and experienced doctors to treat her.

Anwari did not waste a moment after this and contacted Dr. Seraj Ahmed, General Surgeon at Shree Jain Hospital immediately, who is also the Assistant Professor at SSKM/PG Hospital, and a Consultant Gastro at ILS. After that, Dr. Seraj Ahmed and the Hospital Authority treated the whole matter with great empathy and considered curing Anwari their social duty. The operation was supposed to cost around 2 lakhs at other hospitals, but Shree Jain Hospital decided to charge twenty to twenty-five thousand rupees for the surgery.

The surgery took almost three hours as the cancer was spread to some parts around the breast. At the end of the surgery, the 15 KGs tumor was removed successfully. Anwari Begam is now out of danger. As Dr. Seraj says, it is very important to spread awareness about breast cancer. At the same time, women must speak out about their problems more freely so the treatment starts at the right time without any delay.

With more than 4000 laparoscopic surgeries in his career, Dr. Seraj Ahmed is also one of the best hernia surgeons in Howrah. His team at The Surgical Clinic performs several types of critical surgeries using the Laparoscopy method including Cholecystectomy, Appendectomy, and Hernioplasty. The clinic also performs Bariatric Surgery, Proctoplasty Surgery, and Urological Surgery.

Conclusion: The team led by Dr. Seraj Ahmed at The Surgical Clinic in Howrah performs life-saving critical surgeries at the most reasonable fees. You can also enjoy the benefits of the Swasthya Sathi Scheme by the West Bengal Government at the clinic.

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