Critical Surgery Saves the Life of 19-Year Old Resident of Howrah

Surgery is still a fearsome notion for the people of India as the medical infrastructure in our country is often not as reliable enough as in foreign countries. Moreover, people from financially unstable families cannot even think about getting surgeries because of the expensive hospital bills associated with the surgery, aftercare, and medications. The Surgical Clinic in Shibpur, Howrah aims to address these issues by performing critical surgeries with the benefits of the Swasthya Sathi Scheme by the West Bengal Government, under the supervision of Dr. Seraj Ahmed, the best surgeon in Howrah

Critical Surgery Performed to Remove Three Iron Nails from Patient’s Body

The Critical Case of Roshni 

It is not a delightful experience but a nightmare to swallow not one but five iron nails while eating food, and this is what Roshni, a 19 years old teenager residing in Shibpur, Howrah experienced recently. According to the statement of her family, the girl gulped down five iron nails with her food a few days ago. After some time, she vomited and two iron nails came out with the vomit, but three did not. The rest three iron nails were stuck in three delicate parts of her body – her esophagus (food pipe), backbone, and kidney. The situation got extremely critical and painful for poor Roshni, who was fighting for her dear life. 

The Surgery That Saved Her Life

It was not at all easy to remove three iron nails from the body of the patient without causing any damage to any body parts, but Dr. Seraj Ahmed, one of the best surgeons in Howrah took the challenge. With the assistance of his excellent medical team, he performed the surgery at The Surgical Clinic in Shibpur and took out the iron nails safely. After the successful operation, Roshni was announced out of danger by the doctor. 

Who Is Doctor Seraj Ahmed?

Apart from being an experienced gastro and gall bladder surgeon, Dr. Seraj Ahmed is one of the best Laparoscopic experts in India with more than 4000 Laparoscopic surgeries in her experience. He is the Assistant Professor at SSKM/PG Hospital, a General Surgeon at Shree Jain Hospital, and a Consultant at ILS. One of the rare surgeons to perform Laparoscopic surgeries in Howrah, he is assisted by a highly skilled and experienced team of anesthetists during the surgeries performed by the latest laparoscopic instruments. 

What Is a Laparoscopic Surgery?

Laparoscopy is a surgery performed using small incisions instead of large cuts by using a laparoscope. A laparoscope is a slender tool with a tiny video camera and a light at the end. When it is inserted through the small cut into the body, the surgeon can look at the video monitor and see what is happening inside your body. It is a minimally invasive surgery especially used for gallbladder surgeries, liver, intestines, and other organs. Compared to other types of surgeries, laparoscopic surgery is safer with a high success rate, and it offers quicker recovery with low risks of infections. 

Conclusion: If you are suffering from a critical situation like Roshni that requires surgery immediately, you can always count on Dr. Seraj Ahmed, the best surgeon in Howrah, and his team at The Surgical Clinic. Contact the hospital by sending a mail at

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