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A qualified and experienced Gastro and Gall Bladder Surgeon practising in Howrah, Dr. Seraj Ahmed completed MBBS, MS, and Laparoscopic Fellowship at an early age. At present, he is the Assistant Professor at SSKM/PG Hospital, a Consultant Gastro at ILS, and General Surgeon at Shree Jain Hospital at Howrah. To this date, he has performed over 4000 Laparoscopic surgeries. As the best gall bladder surgeon, the biggest Gall Bladder Stone removed by him using the Laparoscopic technique had the size of 10cm*8cm. He is one of the rare surgeons in Howrah to perform Laparoscopic Hernioplasty, which means Micro Surgery of Hernia. His highly experienced team of fellow Anaesthetists assists him in surgeries performed by advanced laparoscopic instruments. The surgeries performed by the best laparoscopic surgeon Dr. Seraj Ahmed are mentioned below.

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Complete and affordable gastro care under one roof ” is the basic concept behind the Surgical Clinic. The Surgical Clinic is the only clinic in Howrah which caters to all needs of patients with Gastroenterological, Urological problems. Patients can avoid the undue hassle and excessive waiting times in a multi speciality hospital and avail world class services in a homely and comfortable atmosphere. We focus on patient interaction wherein the patient is comfortable with the doctor, incidentally, the best gastro surgeon, who has the time to listen to the patient’s problems. Moreover, the doctor who is also the best laparoscopic surgeon, tries to explain the basic nature of the disease to every patient so that the patients are also equally involved in care and aware of the need for medicines and follow up.

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